The Nurse’s main duty in the pat is that of a secondary mother number for Juliet. The Nurseclearly enjoys a closer partnership with Juliet 보다 Lady Capulet does. This isn’t surprising, provided the amount of duty she had actually in caring for Juliet due to the fact that her birth. The Nurse’s affection because that Juliet stems indigenous the truth that she had actually a daughter called Susan that was the same age as Juliet, but who died young. Thus, simply as the is a surrogate mom for Juliet, so also is Juliet a surrogate daughter for the Nurse.

The Nurse demonstrates her affection for Juliet frequently. For instance, when Juliet sets the end for the Capulet ball, the Nurse bids she farewell, saying: “Go girl; seek happy nights to happy days” (I.iii.107). The Nurse is among the few characters in the pat who clearly wish because that Juliet’s happiness. In enhancement to being emotionally supportive, the Nurse additionally works proactively to for sure Juliet’s good fortune, as once she serves as the go-between that allows Juliet’s secret courtship v Romeo. The Nurse remains Juliet’s ally to the end, and suffers greatly when she, together with the rest of the Capulet household, trust Juliet dead.

The Nurse is also a comic figure. She’s incredibly talkative, and one of her commonest verbal tics is the she constantly renders interjections and also interrupts herself. She also frequently renders bawdy remarks. Frequently these two aspects come together, as when the Nurse tells Lady Capulet: “Now, by mine maidenhead in ~ twelve year old, / i bade come” (I.iii.2–3). The Nurse only requirements to say she’s referred to as for Juliet, however she interjects a weird oath, in which she swears by the “maidenhood” the she still had when she to be twelve year old, further implying that she lost her virginity at thirteen. This non sequitur has actually nothing at every to execute with the conversation in ~ hand. The Nurse additionally often take away others’ words literally, which results in feeling misunderstandings. Because that instance, she fails to understand the rhetorical feeling of Lady Capulet’s declaration, “Thou knowest mine daughter’s the a quite age” (I.iii.). Vice versa, Lady Capulet simply means that Juliet is at a marriageable age, theNurse answers earnestly, speak she to know Juliet’s exact age: “Faith, I have the right to tell her age unto an hour” (I.iii.). These instances of humor come rather at the Nurse’s expense, since they showcase she lower-class upbringing.

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