Almost fifty year after her debut ~ above the nation Music scene, Tanya Tucker has ultimately won a Grammy. Marriage likewise eluded her and she describes why.

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Almost 50 years after she debut top top the country Music scene, Tanya Tucker has finally won a Grammy. The award eluded she for decades yet that’s not the the just thing. Marital relationship did, too. In a straightforward interview, the well-loved singer describes why she never tied the knot.

Tanya Tucker’s very first Grammy Win

Tucker had received 14 Grammy nominations over the food of she storied career. However it wasn’t till 2020 the she won the desire prize. Actually, the 61-year-old singer won two of them. She scored Grammys for best country song for “Bring My flower Now” (video below) and also best country album for “While ns Livin’.” This is Tanya’s very first album in 19 years.

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Tanya Tucker and Glen Campbell

Tucker was an initial nominated because that a Grammy 47 years back for her debut track “Delta Dawn.” regardless of being nominated multiple times, the took fairly a while to seal the deal.

The same can be said about marriage. She has actually been engaged before but never ever walked down the aisle. She has been tied to legendary country singers valley Campbell and also Merle Haggard. But, nothing an ext came the it, except for a broken engagement to Campbell.

Listen to
tanya_tucker's emotionally tribute to Glen Campbell, 'Forever love You'

— range (
Variety) august 10, 2017

Tanya Tucker sat under for an interview in 2016 to explain why this never happened. While the details were many, it comes under to one big reason – fear.

I’ve constantly been afraid of gaining married since so many world divorced. And I thought, I want to have actually children and also I wanted to have the picket fence, yet it simply didn’t work-related out for me.“

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Despite never getting married, Tucker has three children, for this reason she did attain her score of coming to be a mother. She relishes her role as a mom.

“I wanted my children,” Tucker said. “They were all planned and prayed for. I’ve got three of the ideal kids in the world.”

Tucker didn’t desire to acquire into a marriage only to have actually it fail. She thinks it’s a great institution and also she only wants to get married once.

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“I have actually nothing against marriage,” she said in a ahead interview. “It’s the opposite. Ns think it’s an extremely sacred, and I don’t desire to do it however one time.”

The One

While she reports in the interview below that she would certainly love come marry gibbs Kevin Costner, there is now possibly a future husband because that Tanya. She has actually been dating singer-songwriter Craig Dillingham because that a while and also she believes that is the love that has actually alluded her all these decades.

“If it ain’t him, I’m done,” Tucker says.

Ironically, the couple first met in ~ a radio station once they were simply 13 year old. If Tanya has actually a sketchy storage of their meeting, Craig go not. He never ever forgot their initial conference as young teens.

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— Susie Blackmon (
SusieBlackmon) January 27, 2020

“Craig’s constantly loved me, always,” the Grammy award winner reports. “I mean, he’s never ever not loved me.”

LeeAnn Womack gets credit for getting this couple together. In July 2019, Womack and also her husband invite Craig to a present where she to be performing through Tanya. Sparks flew and the rest could just be part of country music history.

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Tanya’s 2016 interview, in i beg your pardon she discusses marriage can be checked out below.