There would be no Kentucky comeback this time. Shabazz Napier stole the present with 22 points and UConn beat the Wildcats, 60-54, to win their fourth national championship.

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Jamie Squire

The Connecticut Huskies space your 2014 national champions. UConn held off the Kentucky Wildcats, 60-54, to cut down the nets, gift the first-ever No. 7 particle to win it all. It"s their fourth national championship in school background and 2nd one in 4 years.

The first half was an all-too familiar story because that Kentucky this tournament. The Huskies conquered the video game for most of the very first half, opened up a 30-15 lead thanks to 15 points from Shabazz Napier, however the Wildcats ended on a 16-5 operation to create a controlled 35-31 deficit in ~ halftime. Julius Randle struggled for many of the half, but scored four points in the last minute and also looked to do a enlarge in the 2nd half.

The Wildcats continued their rise in the second fifty percent while the Huskies went cold indigenous the floor (UConn shot just 1-of-8 to begin the half). UConn"s frustrations started boiling over.


Despite the incident, the Huskies got on track and also built your lead earlier up to nine points, yet Kentucky refuse to go away, pulling in ~ one allude at the under-eight timeout.

James Young additionally did this thing.


The Huskies drained 2 three-pointers in a row and also went up seven points again, and they kept the Wildcats in ~ arm"s size through the big run. Kentucky found themselves down six with about 90 seconds left, and Young made it a four-point deficit with another sweet layup, yet the Wildcats did no have an additional last-minute comeback in them.

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Napier had one the his best games on the best stage, top the Huskies v 22 points and also pulling down six rebounds. UConn shoot 41.5 percent from the floor and made all 10 totally free throws. That proved to it is in a vast difference in this game, as Kentucky can only make 13-of-24 free throws. Young led the Wildcats through 20 points and also Randle included 10.