ft Ticonderoga and also Crown point are situated on the shores that Lake Champlain in northern brand-new York. Both forts were strategically crucial in the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War because they available a staging suggest for operations between Canada and the Hudson river Valley. During the problems of the Revolutionary War, the 2 forts were recorded by the american in 1775. The british reoccupied an exit Crown point in 1776 and also recaptured ft Ticonderoga in 1777.

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Ethan Allen and also Benedict Arnold arisen separate plan to catch Fort Ticonderoga soon after the hostilities in ~ Lexington and also Concord marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Arnold was provided authority by Connecticut and Massachusetts to recruit 400 men to take it the strategy fort. Allen, meanwhile, had actually been top a well known militia unit well-known as the eco-friendly Mountain Boys, because 1770. Arnold and also Allen agreed to co-command the assault on the fort, which commenced at dawn on may 10, 1775. Fort Ticonderoga"s small garrison of around 50 men, who had actually not also been educated that hostilities had damaged out in between the colonists and also the British, were quickly taken by surprise and also overtaken.

One job after taking fort Ticonderoga, Ethan Allen sent a losing of the environment-friendly Mountain boys under the command the Capt. Seth Warner to record Crown Point, 15 miles to the north. Many of the main ft at Crown allude had been destroyed in a fire 2 years earlier and the ft was kept by a grasp of brother troops, who surrendered there is no a fight.

The fight of Ticonderoga and also Crown point was the an initial clear American win of the Revolutionary War. Both recorded forts held far-ranging numbers the cannons and also stores the ordnance. Some of the cannons recorded were turned over to Colonel Henry Knox, who offered them in an attack that drove the British out of Boston. The forts were additionally used together staging points for unsuccessful American campaigns in Canada by pagan Schuyler, Ethan Allen and also Benedict Arnold.

American forces abandoned Crown allude in October 1776 after shedding a adjacent naval engagement. The area was used as a staging area by British pressures in 1776 and also again in 1777, as soon as British, Canadian and also Native American forces under British major General man Burgoyne ready to assault Fort Ticonderoga as part of a project to cut brand-new England turn off from the other colonies. British forces placed artillery on a dominant position on nearby Mount Defiance, which overlooked the fort"s defenses.

The American commander Gen. Arthur St. Clair realized his position was untenable and also abandoned the ft to the British. The ordered component of his command come fight rearguard action against Burgoyne"s progressing Redcoats. Burgoyne never ever reached Albany, surrendering to American pressures under Gen. Horatio entrances at Saratoga ~ above October 17, 1777 in what most chroniclers regard as the turning point of the Revolutionary War.

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