“Yesterday when I was Young”was very first known as “Hier Encore,” or “Only Yesterday.” The track was introduced byFrench singer-songwriter Charles Aznavour in 1964.Josie Pickering’s real life experience inspired the production of the poem, that later turned right into a song. She was housewife fromManchester, who became so dissatisfied through her married life the she turn tolesbianismand eventually came to be adominatrix.

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Hee Haw host Roy Clark premiered his hosting career through his covering of the tune in 1969. It ultimately landed in the optimal 10 ~ above the country chart. Clark substantially started the tune with a spoken word that lead into the somber recollection the a wasted youth that brought about a lonely adulthood.

Country singer Roy Clark, who had just started his long-running gig as the co-host ofHee Haw, spanned the song in 1969 and landed in the peak 10 ~ above the country chart. Clark’s spoken-word intro leads into a subdued recollection of a wasted youth that led to a lonely adulthood:

It appears the love I’ve known Has always been the most disastrous kind ns guess that’s why currently I feel so old before my time

The the song isn’t his original, that sings it together if it is his. He it s okay the incentive from his teen to adulthood experience, whereby he admits being wild and also carefree. That delivers the song in a different an interpretation from its original. The emphasized that one should not take things for granted. And he completely agree overindulgence come anything can cause chaos. Clark’s rendition marked the perform being among the an initial country tunes to rest in on the absent ‘n role radio.

Clark honored a inquiry from Mickey Mantle and sang this in ~ the former new York Yankee’s funeral in 1995.

Roy Clark (www.veojam.com)

Other notable cover versions

Because the its basic message and also classic instrumentalization, the song has actually been performed and also recorded by countless international stars. Among the list are Bing Crosby, Andy Williams,Bobby Bare,Al Martino,The Peanuts,Glen Campbell, and many various other more. Follow toBillboard accounts, an ext than 90 execution of the tune were recorded before 1972.

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All together, let united state remember ours childhood days v Roy Clark’s “Yesterday once I was Young.” enjoy watching!

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