There is a typical misconception among fans of various other teams, and also even some Habs fans, that the Canadiens logo has an H an interpretation Habs. Nope.

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I"m ~ above a mission to educate. Ns was newly in a liquor save paying totally too lot for a party of vodka, as soon as the clerk make a statement the was both totally wrong, and somewhat infuriating. Ns was wearing among my plenty of Canadiens hats and the salesperson said: "Did you understand the H stands for Habs?" the doesn"t, and also this is miscellaneous I"ve known because I was three. Naturally, I elected to education the man. Despite being totally right, by the end of my speech, he claimed "Yeah, I"m pretty certain it means Habs, buddy." In an effort to ensure that this does not ever before happen again come anyone, I existing this article so that there is a full and complete paper on the internet. Because, girlfriend know, the internet is never ever wrong and nor to be I.

Most Habs fans will currently know whatever I"m about to say. The term "Habs" is one abbreviation of "Les Habitants." This hatchet dates ago to the 17th century, and also refers to the settlers of brand-new France, now recognized as Quebec. If the Canadiens franchise is really old, that is significantly younger 보다 the ax that currently refers to it.

When the Canadiens were founded by Ambrose O"Brien in 1909, they were marketed as Montreal"s French-Canadian team. The idea to be to have actually them together the Francophone team, and the Montreal Wanderers together the Anglophone team. The idea was the these groups would it is in rivals, and also become a big draw because that a sport that was cultivation in north America. In ~ the time, skilled hockey to be not everywhere near what the is today and also promoters/owners were trying to find ways to construct the league into something an ext substantial.

So wherein did the nickname — and for that matter the logo — come from? The first iteration that Les Canadiens wore a blue sweater through a white C. Ambrose O"Brien ultimately sold the team come George Kennedy (real family name was Kendall), who owned the club Athletique Canadien. He thought that his ownership of the CAC licensed has been granted him to the Canadiens franchise and sued Ambrose O"Brien because that ownership. O"Brien, ever before the gentleman, had constantly intended to carry ownership that the club, therefore he settled out that court and also sold the team come Kennedy because that 7,500 dollars; a stark contrast to the price Geoff Molson paid for the club.

When Kennedy obtained the team, they ended up being known as the CAC. This should describe why you periodically see throwback jerseys v the letters CAC or even a primitive adaptation of the CH with an A in place of the H. The CH was an initial used in the 1917-18 season, as soon as the team became the club de Hockey Canadien. And also so, La Sainte-Flanelle to be born, and I think it is the greatest uniform in skilled sports. I might be a tiny biased though....

But why do civilization call lock the Habs? That, mine friends is a little of a trickier inquiry than the breakthrough of the uniform. Ns can"t say specifically when the was, or that it to be that very first used the ax "Habs" to describe the team. Surely it has something to perform with the abovementioned settling the "New France," and also the fact that the Canadiens were billed together the city"s all-French team. Follow to, the very first person to usage the term to be the owner the Madison Square Garden. Tex Rickard, who supposedly told a reporter the the H stood because that Habs. I don"t think he to be the very first person to use it. I"m not certain that an American would have been familiar with the hatchet "Habitants," at least not sufficient to associate it through the team. Ns think the term was floating around, the heard about it and also assumed the the H in the logo stood because that it. I hypothesize that civilization in Quebec began calling lock that and also it just started to spread. Kudos to whoever claimed it first, due to the fact that I love the nickname. If anyone has some info that ns don"t, you re welcome tell me in the comments.

I hope every hockey pan reads this article. I"m an extremely tired of civilization telling me that the H represents Habs when I know complete well that it doesn"t. The entire write-up you"ve simply read is a speech I"ve had actually to give much too countless times. Point is, I"m an absolute die-hard fan and also I have OCD when it comes to civilization saying, or even thinking, dorn things around my team. I more than likely come off as a complete assclown, yet that"s a price I"m ready to salary to educate.

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Perhaps I"m a little overbearing top top the totality issue. I guess it"s a difficult logo to understand for part people. I mean, unequal the Leafs, us don"t write the whole team name inside the the logo just in case we forget that we are.