any tailless, stout-bodied amphibian that the order Anura, including the smooth, moist-skinned frog types that live in a damp or semiaquatic habitat and also the warty, drier-skinned toad types that are greatly terrestrial together adults.

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Also called true frog, ranid. Any frog of the widespread family Ranidae, most members that which room semiaquatic and have smooth, moist skin and reasonably long hind legs offered for leaping.Compare toad (def. 2).
(often initial funding letter)Slang: extremely Disparaging and Offensive. A contemptuous term provided to describe a French human or a human being of French descent.
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First recorded before 1000; center English frogge, Old English frogga, frocga; compare dialectal center English frosh, Old vikings froskr, Old High German frosk (German Frosch ); defs. 5, 6 of unsure derivation
The use of the word frog to mean “a French person” is a slur that developed because the French to be stereotypically thought of together eating frogs.
an ornamental fastening for the prior of a coat, consists of a button and a loop v which it passes.
First taped in 1710–20; probably from Portuguese froco, indigenous Latin floccus “tuft the wool”; watch flock2
Railroads. A maker at the intersection of two tracks to allow the wheels and flanges top top one monitor to overcome or branch indigenous the other.

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a triangular mass the elastic, horny problem in the middle of the single of the foot that a steed or connected animal.
First recorded in 1600–10; compare previously frush in same sense, more than likely from French fourchette “fork” (see fourchette); presumably identified with dialectal frosh “frog,” hence with frog1
any insectivorous anuran amphibian the the family members Ranidae, such as Rana temporaria that Europe, having a short squat tailless body through a moist smooth skin and an extremely long hind legs committed for hopping
any of various comparable amphibians of related families, such as the tree frogRelated adjective: batrachian
(often plural) a decorate fastening that looped braid or cord, as on the former of a 19th-century armed forces uniform
music, US and also Canadian the ledge or ridge at the upper end of the fingerboard the a violin, cello, etc, end which the strings happen to the tuning pegs the end of a violin bow that is held by the playerAlso dubbed (in brothers and specific other countries): nut