10 things Fans Didn't Know about The cast Of Ghost Whisperer Ghost Whisperer was among the greatest hit supernatural reflects of the 2000s. There"s a lot also fans can not know around the talented cast.

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The superordinary drama Ghost Whisperer starred Jennifer Love Hewitt as a tool who helped earthbound soul cross right into the following realm. The present ran for 5 seasons and found substantial popularity. In fact, after Ghost Whisperer was canceled in 2010 because of a decline in viewership, it to be termed one of the many missed axed shows.

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The show likewise had an tremendous cast; besides Hollywood heartthrob Love Hewitt who was in ~ the peak of her career as soon as the show started, it additionally starred two Oscar winners and quite a few celebrated names. Here’s just a couple of facts you never knew about the actors of Ghost Whisperer.

Aisha Tyler In Ghost Whisperer
Tyler, who played Melinda’s (Jennifer Love Hewitt) finest friend Andrea in the first season is in reality a descendant of celebrated 19th century Texas congressman john Hancock through his illegitimate heir, Hugh. Hancock was the an initial member of the continent Congress to authorize the explanation of Independence and also is renowned for his bold, enlarged signature on the document.

In fact, in 2016, Tyler is also seen in an episode of the American genealogy documentary series Who perform You Think friend Are, which helps celebrities explore their family members tree.

Jamie Kennedy talks to Michael pistol in Tremors: A Cold job in Hell
Kennedy, that played Professor Eli James, started his Hollywood career as an extra in 1989. He was unable come land an agent and also failed to book a commercial also after much more than 70 auditions. He at some point started to job-related as a organize at Red Lobster, before starting work as a telemarketer.

The principle of marketing things gave him the idea the he might sell himself and also he created a kind of a fake Hollywood display agent persona named Marty strength to reach out to producers. He opens up around his struggles in his publication titled Wannabe: A Hollywood Experiment

Most human being don’t understand this around the main lead of the show however Jennifer Love Hewitt has actually actually composed a best-selling self-help book titled The Day i Shot Cupid: Hello, My name Is Jennifer Love Hewitt and also I"m a Love-aholic. The publication features experience from her own life and also attempts to help people navigate through the modern-day dating world.

The publication came the end in 2010 and this was of course, prior to the eight of social media and also dating apps. Though her writing format was panned by critics, it was unanimously agreed the she made some valid, credible points about modern relationships.

7 Jay Mohr was Married To las Vegas Star Nikki Cox and Took Her Name

Jay Mohr, who played Professor rick Payne on the show, was married come Las Vegas actor Nikki Cox for an ext than 12 years, prior to divorcing in 2018. Cox even wrote a stand-up show for him. In 2008, he filed legal papers to readjust his name to Jon Ferguson Cox Mohr, thus adding his wife"s last name.

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They have actually a son together that was born in 2011. It remained in 2017 during The Adam Carolla Show, the Mohr admitted that he and his wife were in the middle of a divorce which to be finalized in 2018

Emmy winner Camryn Manheim played Delia Banks. She worked as a authorize language interpreter in ~ hospitals. Her expertise of authorize language was actually useful to her together her skills were provided in The Practice, in an episode of Law & Order, and also in her function as a child behavior psychologist in the 1998 activity thriller Mercury Rising.

“I needed two semesters so ns took both beginning and also intermediate classes in ~ the same time. My intermediate course was at nine o"clock in the morning and also my beginning class to be at two o"clock. It to be ridiculous however I survived the classes and went appropriate on to university. I had actually learned the alphabet and also certainly a hand complete of signs, maybe fifty words,” she revealed in an interview a couple of years back.

5 anne Archer Was Nominated for An Oscar for Her function In fatal Attraction

ann Archer played Melinda"s mother Beth top top the show; she could interact with ghosts however simply chose not to, and does not acknowledge her powers also to her daughter. Pan of the display may not know that Archer was up because that an Oscar for ideal Supporting Actress for her duty in the cult 1987 psychological thriller Fatal Attraction.

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Coincidentally, she character in the movie was additionally named Beth; she play Dan’s (Michael Douglas) mam who has actually a daughter through him, and eventually shoots her husband’s scorned lover Alex at the finish of the film.

Serricchio, who played a ghost whisperer native the dark side, is a mental health advocate in actual life. The actor has an significant social media presence and also often takes to Instagram come raise awareness about mental health-related issues, particularly suicide and depression. A few weeks back he required to Instagram to encourage folks to check in top top people approximately them since holidays deserve to be pretty unstable for people in isolation.

“I encourage girlfriend to check in top top your human being a tiny extra this year and also especially throughout the vacation season which deserve to be an extremely tough. For those of friend who space struggling every day to gain out of bed, I want to thank you for her perseverance. You are a warrior and also I know how difficult it is. I admire you and also the people is far better because she in it. Together we’re stronger and also no one should carry such a hefty load on your own. We acquired this!” he wrote.

3 Jennifer Love Hewitt Loves Festive Instagramming

Jennifer Love Hewitt has much more than 976,000 followers on Instagram. She loves documenting her vacation decorations and elaborate, festive set-ups on social media, be it because that Halloween or Christmas. Simply recently she shared an image of a gorgeously decorated, glamped up dining time which she set up at her own garden v the assist of an LA-based tenting endure company.

She additionally shared several short videos reflecting off her adorable Nutcracker-themed Christmas decorations, miniature snow-capped villages, Christmas-y table decorations and also more.

among Tyler’s most famed roles is, that course, play the badass superspy Lana Kane in the adult animated collection Archer. Tyler revealed in an interview critical year the she love voicing Lana’s personality primarily due to the fact that she doesn’t have to dress approximately play her.

“If i’m being yes, really honest, various other than the reality that the scripts room relentlessly hilarious and therefore a joy to say out loud, i don’t have actually to get dressed up to play Lana Kane. Ns just get in the booth in my sweatpants,” she said.

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1 Jennifer Love Hewitt offered Solid Advice to Kelly Clarkson during Her American Idol Days

Recently during an episode of the super-popular talk show The Kelly Clarkson Show, Clarkson, who climbed to fame as a contestant top top American Idol, revealed that while most A-listers to be pretty median to fact TV contestants ago then, Jennifer Love Hewitt was very different. Clarkson recalled a time when she ran right into the star at an awards show and she showed her a the majority of love and additionally gave she some good advice.

“You came up to me, ran up to me out of nowhere, and were like, "Oh my gosh, I"m yes, really rooting for you." girlfriend told me, "Please store the ones you love so close. It"ll finish up being around a couple of people in your life, unfortunately, but this company can be really hard." friend just offered me this advice that was really kind in together an unkind time for me personally... It expected the civilization to me. You to be so nice,” Clarkson said.