Star Wars: Why Anakin Massacred the Younglings in Revenge of the Sith Star Wars: Revenge the the Sith"s most well known scene, Anakin"s massacre the the younglings, can have had actually a deeper reasoning behind it.

Anakin Skywalker"s descent right into the Dark next of the force reached that pinnacle in Star WarsRevenge that the Sith, when he murdered the younglings at the Jedi holy place on Coruscant. Many have actually questioned why Skywalker slaughtered literal meaning children, especially when they posed no instant threat to the Empire, and could be convert to the Dark Side. While the simplest answer claims the Skywalker was simply complying with Emperor Palpatine"s orders, a number of fan theories have expanded upon the collapse Jedi"s willingness to commit this atrocity.

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During Revenge the The Sith, Palpatine states: "Every single Jedi, consisting of your girlfriend Obi-Wan Kenobi, is currently an enemy of the Republic," before adding, "Do not hesitate. Display no mercy. Only then will you be solid enough v the Dark next to conserve Padmé." back younglings were just at the an initial steps of your Jedi training, they were members that the Order, making castle de facto opponents of the Republic. This directive additionally displays Palpatine"s decade-long manipulation the Skywalker, as it indicates that your deaths will make him strong sufficient in the Dark next to conserve Padmé.

Revenge the the Sith makes it clear that Skywalker was willing to do anything to stop the death of his wife and also future children, as he was currently corrupted through Palpatine"s claims of immortality. The canonical comic Star Wars: Darth Vader #7 made it clear that the younglings" deaths brought about him grief, self-loathing, hatred and also pain, fueling his descent also further right into the Dark Side. These negative emotions also fuel the Dark Side"s power, an interpretation Skywalker likely felt more powerful as he eliminated the younglings, i beg your pardon reinforced his belief that only the Dark Side could save his new family.

Although Skywalker was a star pupil of the Jedi Order, he likewise had a tenuous connection with the Council before the events of Revenge of the Sith. Unlike the younglings, who were lugged to the Order as infants, Skywalker joined in ~ the period of nine. Because that an organization as entrenched in heritage as the Jedi Order, this to be a significant taboo, leaving Skywalker ostracized by the Jedi. The younglings offered as a reminder the Skywalker never ever really fit in with the Jedi Order, which likely affected his decision to kill them.

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converting the younglings was also out the the question. There were multiple younglings in ~ the Temple, an interpretation it would"ve to be extremely difficult to convert all of them, even if children were an ext susceptible come the Dark Side. Some of the children may have actually escaped, and any Force-sensitive human being within the galaxy can pose a major threat come the Empire. Even if all of the youngsters could it is in converted, their loyalty to the empire was no guaranteed. The Clone Wars and Attack the the Clones made it clear the Count Dooku was willing to betray Palpatine, while Darth Vader loathed the Emperor complying with Revenge of the Sith. Treason is a typical feature amongst Dark next adherents, meaning any Force-sensitive human being who joined them likewise might"ve stabbed castle in the back.

Furthermore, order 66 was already underway by the time Skywalker stormed the Temple, an interpretation the Clone Troopers would"ve been required to death the younglings themselves. Skywalker most likely saw self as more merciful than the Clone Troopers, whose actions the couldn"t account for. By acquisition their resides himself, that spared lock the opportunity of a more gruesome demise.

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While Skywalker"s killing of the younglings to be the Star Wars prequels most well known scene, it marks an important point that his development. It fueled Darth Vader"s rage and contempt for Palpatine, which cemented his status as the Dark mr of the Sith.