Before contact lenses or corrective eye surgical treatment was a thing, players had to wear glasses to help them see. Some players wore them to make certain they could see where their shots to be going when others essential for protection. Here’s a brief background of goggles in the NBA.

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One of the greats

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was one of the best basketball players ever before to elegant the NBA. He overcame the experienced leagues when he was drafted to the Milwaukee Bucks. In his career, he winner the NBA title and also MVP award 6 times each and made the All-Star team an amazing 19 times.

The history of goggles in the NBA

Abdul-Jabbar didn’t require the goggles to do his vision any type of better, the had another reason because that sporting the eyewear. Once he played against the college of California in 1968, his cornea to be scratched, and not wanting to risk losing his eyesight the did something about it. Abdul-Jabbar adopted the goggles and became a global superstar, scoring the many points in the background of the NBA, through 38,387.

Blue collar hero

To look at at cut Rambis many could have assumed that was just your average male in the ‘80s. That wore buddy Holly-style glasses and also sported a mustache. He didn’t seem favor your usual NBA star, and also in numerous ways, he wasn’t. Rambis to be the catalyst for numerous of Magic Johnson’s bursts increase the court many thanks to his defense and also rebounding skills.

While playing with Johnson at the Lakers, Rambis won four NBA championships and also became a huge component of that successful team. His goggles can have made the seem like any kind of regular guy, yet when he was on the court he was a absent in the Lakers’ defense.

The history of goggles in the NBA

Horace Grant

The legendary Chicago Bulls player was renowned for attract goggles top top the court. The was necessary for approve to stay the goggles to watch better, but eventually they became a part of his look. Provide had played number of years in the NBA with his signature goggles, however by the ’90s he had actually corrective surgery. That supposed there to be no require for give to continue wearing them, however did that protect against him? No!

Grant described in a Reddit thread the he ongoing to stay the goggles come encourage young youngsters to wear your glasses as soon as they play. The NBA legend stated he to be thanked by many parents and grandparents for inspiring their youngsters to wear security eyewear.

Current situation

Not many NBA stars pick to wear goggles anymore, with many being compelled to wear them to prevent additional injuries. Often confront masks and goggles are merged to permit players through eye or face injuries to acquire out on the court and assist their teams. Goggles it seems to be ~ to have gone out of fashion in current years, yet there’s always the opportunity they will certainly make a comeback if another star injuries their eye.

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The history of goggles in the NBA

Goggles were all the rage once Kareem Abdul-Jabbar wore them on his increase to the optimal of the NBA, but in recent years castle have end up being less popular.