Every day, almost everywhere the world, dog repeat the exact same ritual: nose to the ground, lock sniff follow me a dotted line of an invisible sweetheart map, stopping at the “X” point out the spot wherein they can finally get under to business.

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What’s through all this sniffing, anyway? The basic answer: that the way dogs have been connecting with one an additional for centuries.

Scent marking Is severe Business

Scent noting is an instinctual habits in i m sorry a dog shop his very own odor — in the type of pee or feces — onto his atmosphere to note territory or make a statement.

other dogs that come ~ above the scent can discern a lot around fellow canines in the neighborhood. With one whiff of urine, a pup can determine how plenty of dogs have actually been there, just how long ago they to be in the area and, best of all, if yes sir a mrs in warmth nearby.

Anal Gland Aromas

if urine noting is the most common kind of odor marking, feces can also be used to leave a message. As soon as a dog defecates, pressure versus the glands ~ above either next of the anus can reason the glands come expel a unique, musky scent onto the feces.

due to the fact that dogs can additionally express their anal glands as soon as scared, the scent may additionally serve come alert other dogs to danger. On a an ext mundane level, dog may simply sniff the feces to identify what one more canine has recently eaten, informing them that ingestible goodies may be close at hand.

as soon as they’ve garnered every the info that they require from urine or feces, most dogs return the favor by leaving their own deposits. The their method of saying, “This is mine turf, so remain out!”


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