Why do plenty of US immigrants find out English?

The United States does not have actually an official legal language. … If immigrants come come the United States with the intent of doing service and/or ending up being citizens, castle usually do take the time and make the effort to learn the English language.

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It isnotracist or bigoted to suppose immigrants in the United says to find out to speak English. Note that i saidLEARNto speak English, no to intend them come arrive right here speaking fluently English.

During the past thirty years, there were countless immigrants from Cuba and Haiti in southern Florida, wherein I lived for awhile. I never ever encountered anyone through a Cuban heritage who could not converse plainly in English.

Haitian emigres were often bilingual, together they spoke fluent English and also indulged me in my rudimentary capability to speak French (which they spoke well, better than Quebecois, in mine opinion).

When ns took windy transportation, together I walk every day come work, passengers who were current arrivals from Haiti would check out the local Sun-Sentinel newspaper as regularly as Le Monde. Gift comfortable reading a newspaper in a 2nd language is a good indicator that fluency.

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Why do many US immigrants learn English

In contrast, Canada hastwoofficial languages: French and English. All Canadian can be fried Court judge are required to be bilingual. The federal government operates in both languages and both languages only. Yes no official files inInuitfor example.

I would support making English the official language the the united States, maybe with an pin money for do Spanish the main language that Puerto Rico.

The problem civilization have through language have the right to be summed up in an old saying:When in Rome, carry out as the Romans do.America is anEnglish-speakingcountry for this reason the immigrants need to be forced to speak English.

The difficulty comes once an immigrant can gain by without utilizing English – consisting of visits to the department of engine Vehicles, come the Social security office, to gain food stamps or health care, etc.

The trouble comes when world come to this country and also think “I don’t need to speak English: they all speak Spanish in the important places anyway.” or “I don’t have to learn English prior to I pertained to America.”

The “revolt” versus foreign language in this for is due mainly to Spanish – and the huge number that non-English speak immigrants, i m sorry could very well be a substantial variety of the illegal immigrants coming come this country.

The “revolt” likewise comes because now, in America, as soon as you speak to a corporate assistance line,youhave come specify girlfriend speak English. This need to be an automatic presumption – even though corporations have a valid and also justifiable reason for accommodating your Spanish-speaking customers.

My personal view would certainly recommend the following:Make English the official language that the united States, v the exemption of Spanish gift the official language the Puerto Rico.Subsidize English discovering classes and offer them in ~ no cost and also without immigration checksPublish all government papers in English only, and make every departments work-related in English onlyEncourage service providers to “default” come English only, uneven a Spanish-speaker request Spanish, etc.

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Attacking people due to the fact that they speak a foreign languageisbigoted, due to the fact that there is no factor for it except prejudice and also xenophobia. The prejudice is an unthinking outgrowth of the revolt against the encroachment of Spanish into America, and also the capacity of many to never find out Spanish.