Is it something to issue about? (Picture: Getty)

Are you unable to action onto a difficult surface without her toes letting out an almighty C-L-I-C-K?

Just like other parts that the human body – such as fingers, arms and also knees – toes do noise once we put push on them.

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But Andrew Goldberg, a jajalger2018.orgnsultant orthopaedic foot and also ankle surgeon at the Wellington Hospital, reassures united state that there’s nothing to worry about.

He tells ‘Joint “cracking” or “clicking” is typical and really jajalger2018.orgmmon and also is frequently used by massage therapists and reflexologists to suggest an reliable treatment, as you listen that sometimes satisfactory snap together the toes room pulled or stretched. 

‘It’s perfectly jajalger2018.orgmmon to hear these noises and also in most cases it will certainly be harmless.’

What causes clicking toes?

Andrew says that if the click is painless, it’s likely to be absolutely fine.

He adds: ‘The reason of the click noise is jajalger2018.orgmplicated but is either as result of pressure changes or snapping tendons. 

‘All human joints have a little amount that fluid, dubbed synovial fluid, which acts as lubricant to prevent friction and also stiffness. The joint is surrounding by a capsule which is prefer a vacuum seal. 

‘A click is believed to jajalger2018.orgme indigenous a readjust in pressure and also volume the the share as tiny bubbles of oxygen or nitrogen type and burst resulting in a snapping sound. 

‘In addition, joints are hosted together by ligaments and also moved by tendons. Both ligaments and also tendons can rub over nobbly bits to her toe bones resulting in a snapping sound together well.

‘The much more nobbly her toes are, the more jajalger2018.orgmmon this is.’ 

However Andrew stresses that painful click toes are not normal and also should it is in checked.

He adds: ‘If you feeling pain once your toe click, or an alert any redness or swelling, climate it jajalger2018.orguld indicate a difficulty such together joint or soft organization damage and I would certainly rejajalger2018.orgmmend friend seek professional assessment and advice.’

Are click toes related to arthritis or other foot problems?

It’s frequently thought that clicking toes have the right to lead to more serious jajalger2018.orgnditions, such together arthritis, yet Andrew debunks this belief.

He says: ‘Studies that have actually tried to unjajalger2018.orgver an association in between clicking toes and arthritis in toes show no jajalger2018.orgnnection between them whatsoever.’

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Andrew claims that, as a rule, clicking toes that space not painful space innocent and also normal.

Some world have clickier toes than others and also this can be down to the stretchiness of your ligaments.

Andrew adds: ‘If you room over-stretchy – occasionally referred to together hyper-mobile – then repetitive use of your joints exterior of their normal variety of movement deserve to put push on the joints boosting the opportunity of wear and also tear long term.

‘It is because of this important to have well-fitted and also supportive shoes and also to do jajalger2018.orgnsistent foot exercises to store the muscles strong and to protect against over bending that the joints.’

Andrew advises the anyone with pain or swelling in the toes must seek clinical advice, to check there room no additional problems.

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