When I an initial got Fiona we really took pleasure in her floppy ear which climate made me question why perform so plenty of pit bulls have cropped ears? Obviously this dogs space not born v cropped ears from birth, and also what I found out shocked me.

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Why carry out they cut pit bull’s ears? We still do this century old dangerous practice in contemporary times and it is simply for looks. In the past, they walk this to defend the dog from injury in fights and also prevent ear infections. Now we understand that ear cropping provides no benefits to the dog and also is a dangerous procedure that have the right to hurt the dog for life.

So if you are as confused as ns am climate you can say, why walk anyone ever chop the ear of a dog? The answer is less an easy and more complicated than you could imagine, yet it’s developed on false narratives.

Where pit bull ear cropping began

Pit bull ear cropping is a century old method used by countless to make their pit bulls look more dangerous and also masculine. The idea behind this is the anyone who wanted to fit a pit bull would chop or cut their ears ago to do them less resistant come other pets harming them in dogfights.

You can think this is a monstrous process, and it is considering that modern medicine tells us that ear cropping gives no benefits other than looks. It’s essentially like giving your dog plastic surgery.

Researching an ext I came throughout another method of thinking that ns think fits much more in line v what resulted in cropped ear to to explode in the past.

Floppy dog ear lead to more infections in the animals because the bacteria and other debris that get stuck in the dog’s ear canal. Once ear cropping explosive was during a time once dogs were offered for job-related rather 보다 play so they would certainly constantly it is in in risk of acquiring bit by other pets in the ear which could lead come infection and also kill the animal.

This means that world who feeling for this quickly decided that they can save your dog from ear infections and also most most likely keep the dog healthier. And also so the ear cropping ended up being a component of the pit bulls looks i beg your pardon some world today still favor over floppy ears.

How danger is ear cropping?


The biggest drawback to ear cropping is the variety of complications that have the right to happen throughout the surgical procedure itself. Part of the issue is the anesthesia and also infections which deserve to kill the dog out right.

The following thing the you should consider is the truth that you can damages the ear itself, which deserve to lead to a permanent scarring that the ear and also lifelong problems.

Ear cropping is never done ~ above adult dog and constantly done top top puppies because of the lot of restore time the is involved. Typically, dogs that space under 12 months old have their ears cropped to store the downtime to a minimum.

How much does ear cropping cost?

The ear cropping itself cost roughly $150 to $600 dollars, depending upon the vet the will chop your dog’s ears. friend will need to current them through an idea that the type of ear cropping you desire done as they have actually four various types:

Battle cropShort cropShow cropLong crop

Make certain that you check if her area has any laws that avoid you native cropping before you commit, otherwise you could find you yourself in legit trouble.

Another thing to note is the while part dogs through floppy ear may develop ear infections, there’s nothing that can guarantee that cropped ears will settle this problem.

How long is the recovery time for ear cropping?


After the procedure, which is about 3 to 4 hours, the dog will invest at the very least two nights in ~ the vet come make sure no infections collection in. After which the vet will certainly send you home with instructions on exactly how to treatment for her animal.

Keep the dog’s ear cleaned. Tend to the wounds and also make sure that the scabs room coming off and also inform the vet of any kind of complications from the process.

Pain medicine will be given for the pain and healing time can range from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the wounds and how rapid they heal.

How to clean a pit bull’s ears

Cleaning your puppy pal’s ears is an ext simple 보다 you can imagine. Pit bulls since of their floppy ears will gather more wax dirt and debris than various other dogs.

Cleaning castle usually entails taking a cotton sphere after you have used some systems that you can buy from your vet, we obtain ours for Fiona off amazon and it functions well.

Once you pour the solution in your dog’s ears (this is the one us use) you desire to monitor the indict which will tell you to massage the equipment in the ear canal. Warning this might take two people if you have a scared dog and their instinct is to shake the systems out of your ears.

Once the solution has actually sat for about 30 seconds to a minute, you enable the dog come shake your head and remove the water. Warning you can want to hold up a towel because the stuff that comes out have the right to be gross.

Then ns take a cotton bull and rub the sphere inside of the dog’s ears, removing any other moisture or systems that’s still left over.

Depending on her dog, girlfriend may have to do this a couple of times a month, as soon as again inspect with your vet. Fiona’s ears were at very first very black and also brown wax come out. After cleaning them over and over, i am happy come report her ears now stay clean.

Health conditions connected with floppy ears


Depending on your dog, you could find the they build some ear problems based ~ above things choose how regularly they space cleaned. Chronic ear epidemic which can damages a dog’s hearing can take place with a dog that gets this infections.

They can likewise develop ear mites which gain in the dog’s ear canal and carry a ton of different diseases. Great news is that most vets can fix this problem with a single dose. It is in warned, lock are very contagious amongst dogs.

Related Questions

My area doesn’t enable cropping. Have to I just take mine dog what else? girlfriend can, however, keep in mind that civilization are nosier currently that they ever have been. If her area go not allow you to crop and you perform it and also someone reports you, that’s pet cruelty which have the right to be a large fine if not jail time. As well as that, girlfriend should just enjoy your dog’s ears the way they are.

Why space you so versus cropping? besides the fact that they are not born with it. Ns can’t imagine someone taking a human being being and reducing ours ears since they want us to look a certain way. If you really think around it, the a barbaric procedure. Through that said, if you have a medical reason you need to have that done, you won’t hear judgement native me. 

What’s the best crop? If you had actually to choose one. I would think the show would it is in the best due to the fact that it doesn’t look together painful as several of the others, which totally reduces the dog’s ears to nothing or renders them look at different.


I hope this article has given you something to think about. I additionally hope that you take into consideration some the the consequences of cropping a dog’s ears before you ever before go with with the procedure. However, if girlfriend still carry out the choice is yours and also maybe you have a an excellent reason for doing it.

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I expect this article has been helpful to you and also if you want more pit bull posts check the end our website for much more information ~ above pit bulls.