Sometimes we discard specific foods as soon as we view that the expiration day indicated on the package has arrived. However have these assets really expired?

Very couple of foods are immune come the i of time, which do not have actually an expiration date. Amongst them we discover salt, sugar, rice and of food honey. Yet eating life rice or salt is not comparable to the taste of honey, edible as it originates from the hive.

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In the situation of honey, the preferred day of usage must show up on the packaging. Lock are long expiration dates, because the threat to health and wellness is low, yet it is true that over time organoleptic and also physicochemical changes may occur (acidity, humidity …) so that is causing obligation to suggest a preferred consumption date.

As a basic rule, the preferred consumption date the we discover on the honey jars we buy is two years indigenous the minute of manufacture. After these years, honey can continue to be consumed as long as it has been kept in an excellent condition. 


Why does honey have actually no expiration date

The eternal life of honey is based on several factors:

Honey is hygroscopic. 

That means that honey has actually a an extremely low water content. The bees are responsible because that dehydrating the accumulated liquid nectar with 80-90% early stage humidity to turn it into thick honey. Ripe love husband barely reaches 18% humidity.

Without water, bacteria cannot show up or thrive. A effectively matured honey in a hive or in a closed pot is safe from bacteria.

High concentration of sugars.

Honey is mainly consisted of of sugars, and this hinders the expansion of microorganisms due to problems with the high osmolarity of honey. 

The acid pH of honey. 

The pH of honey is acidic and ranges between 2 and 4.5. Most harmful bacteria prefer a neutral or an easy environment, therefore in one acidic setting such together honey, lock cannot thrive or develop.

Honey enzymes.

Bees, in the procedure of make honey, administer different enzyme of their own. Among them is glucose oxidase, i beg your pardon produces hydrogen peroxide, a an effective antimicrobial that prevents microorganisms indigenous growing.

Antimicrobial compounds. 

Honey includes organic acids, phenolic compound and certain peptides that add to the antimicrobial activity of honey, preventing it native growing and spoiling the honey. 

For all this, we have the right to say that honey does not expire, just if that is not kept in the correct conditions. If love husband is maintained in optimal conditions, that shelf life have the right to be an extremely long.

All the honey the you will discover in Maes love husband complies with existing legislation and is properly packaged so the it preserves all its properties.


How to store honey in an excellent condition

In stimulate to proceed consuming honey after the best before date, it will certainly be enough to store the honey container tightly closed and also not reveal it to an extremely high temperatures, nor really low temperatures.

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It is not crucial to put the honey in the fridge, it will certainly be sufficient to store it in a dark cabinet or pantry, far from warmth sources. The best is a room temperature in between 18 and 27 degrees Celsius.