Over the food of "Naruto"s" 720 episodes, fans were presented to an army"s precious of characters. Shinobi hailing native the soil of Fire and beyond to be fleshed out with sympathetic motivations and backstories to the suggest where it seemed prefer we knew everything about them. In ~ the same time, however, there was one ninja that fans never quite learned whatever about. Because that some factor or another, Kakashi Hatake stays somewhat the a mystery.

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This is surprising, given that Kakashi acted as a main character throughout the bulk of "Naruto." As the exhilaration Jonin commander of Team 7, Kakashi was one of the more quickly masters the Naruto, Sakura, and also Sasuke had actually to assist teach them ninja techniques. During that time, however, Kakashi never once eliminated his trademark mask in a means that would disclose his face to anyone. In fact, his face was covert for so lengthy that it ended up being one that the show"s biggest mysteries. However while we do eventually get to see Kakashi in the flesh, we never find out the genuine reason for why the wears a mask.

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The strange thing about Kakashi"s mask is that there was never a time in his life whereby he didn"t undertake it. Even when we see him in his childhood by means of flashbacks, the white-haired ninja is constantly sporting his signature challenge covering. This could indicate to part that put on a mask is a heritage in Kakashi"s clan or homeland, yet nobody else in the floor of Fire put on one, including his father. This indicates that donning the mask is a decision that Kakashi made by himself together a child.

We can also eliminate the possibility that Kakashi is covering up any kind of disfigurement, together he is revealed to be fairly attractive top top the rare occasion as soon as the mask come off. Civilization who see his face are often fully awestruck through his herbal beauty. Concerned think of it, he can wear the mask simply to protect against people"s reactions.

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The closest point to an main reason behind Kakashi"s mask originates from the non-canon "Naruto" spinoff collection "Rock Lee"s Springtime that Youth." follow to the Narutopedia, an episode of this comedy anime reveals the he wears the mask to hide the nosebleeds he it s okay while reading his favorite publication series, "Makeout Tactics." It"s a common reaction that perverse characters have to suggestive material. Furthermore, it"s as good of a factor as any for Kakashi to sport a mask every waking moment — also if it isn"t technically canon.