Dragon Ball: 5 forget Secrets about the super Saiyan 3 type Dragon Ball"s famed Super Saiyan 3 kind is much an ext than lengthy hair and also no eyebrows. Here are 5 of the lesser-known secrets.

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Dragon sphere Z has many iconic transformations, but couple of are together awe-inspiring or ridiculous as Super Saiyan 3. This type is distinct in plenty of regards, together it"s an initial introduced off-screen and also maintained together a secret form Goku accesses when in Otherworld. For plenty of reasons, that feels choose the many alien that the at sight Saiyan forms. No eyebrows? Extra-long hair? tremendous power? at sight Saiyan 3 is a strange transformation.

However, over there are many secrets surrounding the supervisor Saiyan 3 form. These details are less obvious, maybe also hidden, but help make the an even odder transformation that can be more trouble than it"s worth by the moment of Dragon ball Super and also Dragon sphere GT.

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Super Saiyan 3 Was originally Going to attribute Regrown Tails

Super Saiyan 3 goku vs baby Vegeta
The super Saiyan 3 kind did no emerge fully completed. At an early stage sketches through Akira Toriyama show that, in ~ one point, the change wasn"t simply going to attribute Goku and also Gotenks farming a ton that hair and also losing their eyebrows. Rather, Saiyans would additionally regenerate their shed tails. Interestingly, this concept would later be recycled in the super Saiyan 4 form, where Saiyans actually did regrow their tails.

Of course, this was far from the only scrapped idea bordering Super Saiyan 3. In ~ one point, a super Saiyan 3"s hair was not practically as long as it ultimately became. Instead, it more closely resembled super Saiyan 2. Together these sketches to be rejected through Toriyama in the end, they display the creative process for the super Saiyan 3: one of two people too comparable to the previous forms or far more alien.

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Super Saiyan 3 Doesn"t require Intense Emotion come Transform

when Super Saiyan 1 and also 2 call for intense emotional triggers, it is not specific that supervisor Saiyan 3 requires that very same level of within intensity come transform. Goku"s very first transformation into Super Saiyan 3 wake up off-screen but is apparently a product of extreme training. Gotenks transforms into Super Saiyan 3 effortlessly -- though, considering Goten and Trunks"s similarly simple Super Saiyan transformations, this isn"t surprising.

Even in the various non-canon transformations, going super Saiyan 3 doesn"t seem come require raging inner emotions, however is fairly a result of pushing oneself further past their vault limits. That is likewise one that the couple of Super Saiyan revolutions that doesn"t suggest an emotionally alteration. This suggests that supervisor Saiyan 3 isn"t tied to emotional stability, however relies much more on sheer determination.

While plenty of instances that untrained at sight Saiyans showcase the characters in question illustration from extreme emotions, the exact same is no true for Super Saiyan 3. On optimal of that, the type doesn"t it seems ~ to affect the users" characters or behavior like previously transformations. Uneven Gohan"s aggression as a super Saiyan 2 or Goku"s rage together a at sight Saiyan, supervisor Saiyan 3 Goku and Gotenks just act favor themselves.

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Super Saiyan 3 Has only Two Canon transformations (But plenty of Non-Canon Ones)

To date in Dragon round Z canon, there are just two canon supervisor Saiyan 3s: Goku and Gotenks. Over there are, however, number of Super Saiyan 3s that exist in non-canon works, such together Super Dragon ball Heroes, Dragon round Xenoverse and also Dragon Ball: Raging Blast. The first example to be Broly in Raging Blast, complied with by personalities like Vegeta, Bardock, Raditz, Nappa and also Trunks. Plenty of of this fan transformations are not offered explanations for how they transformed.

The proliferation of supervisor Saiyan 3 external of canon has resulted in some fans forgetting just just how rare this form truly is in the genuine story. Vegeta accessed both super Saiyan 4 and Super Saiyan Blue without ever reaching at sight Saiyan 3. In the present canon, the only character who appears poised to transform into a supervisor Saiyan 3 is Caulifla, because of Goku half-suspecting that she"d transform during his fight with her.

Super Saiyan 3 can Genuinely death The User

The at sight Saiyan 3 kind consumes a an excellent amount of power. Son Goku in Dragon ball GT deserve to barely maintain it for more than a few minutes. Transforming right into a super Saiyan 3 also decays the Gotenks combination at an sped up rate. However, there is factor to think that this change can actually kill its user -- though the source for this concept is speculation in a non-canon work.

In Dragon sphere Z: Xenoverse 2, Bardock transforms into a at sight Saiyan 3 if fighting Mira. When the hit ends, Bardock is i do not have anything to be seen. Trunks speculates that the change might"ve spend so lot power that it became unstable, obliterating Bardock"s physical body -- or the the amount of power generated punched a hole in truth through which Bardock slipped.

This isn"t together unfounded as one could think. There are various approaches that kill or hurt the human using them, such as the angry Containment Wave and also Kaio-Ken. Super Saiyan 3 also has the difference of drastically shortening Goku"s time on Earth throughout the Buu Saga. In effect, yes, this transformation can death the user.

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Super Saiyan 3 May just Be Reachable Under "Unreal" Circumstances

nobody in canon has naturally transformed into a super Saiyan 3. Both Goku and Gotenks revolutionized under particularly odd conditions. Gotenks is a fusion, however neither Goten nor Trunks can transform ~ above their very own in canon. Gotenks first transformed in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, whereby Gohan year prior summary transformed right into a supervisor Saiyan 2 however couldn"t maintain it.

The just non-fusion to achieve the type in Dragon Ball canon is Goku. He first discovered super Saiyan 3 if dead, and demonstrably had actually difficulty using the type once revitalized to life. Plenty of of the non-canon supervisor Saiyan 3 develops only transpire after time travel and also demonic energy affects claimed characters, indicating that those revolutions are not herbal either.

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All the this indicates that the supervisor Saiyan 3 revolution might be difficult to accomplish under normal circumstances. It may need fused Saiyans or being divorced indigenous the normal regulations of reality in order to truly i found it this distinct form. This is absolutely evidence indicating that the supervisor Saiyan 3 form is not bound come the same laws other transformations follow.

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