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I don't know anyone in the party, for this reason the cheese stand alone.

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Marry has actually just transferred to my class, and nobody is ready to do friends with her. The cheese was standing alone.

This phrasederivesfrom a children’s song called The Farmer in the Dell and the cheese is preferred last (

This phrasederivesfrom a children’s song named The Farmer in the Dell.The song comes together with a game. All the children stand in a circle, v one child in the center who theatre the farmer. The farmer chooses one more child as the wife, who chooses another as a son/daughter, who chooses a nurse, and also so on. The last child chosen is the cheese. The cheese doesn’t choose anyone, and stands alone in the facility of the circle.


The farmer in the dell, the farmer in the dell,


The cheese stand alone, the cheese was standing alone,

Hi-ho, the derry-o, the cheese stands alone.

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This song was originally in German, and an initial appeared in creating in the year 1826. Immigrants took the song to America, where it appeared in English in the year 1883, and also in other countries later on. People often use this expression in relationship to the game. However, occasionally someone uses it as an unusual way to emphasize that they space solitary. (Source: writingexplained)

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