Fans of the Halloween franchise have been wonder this because that decades, yet upon the release of Halloween Kills, the concern remains: Why can't Michael Myers it is in killed? in ~ the finish of 1978's Halloween, last girl Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) thinks the she has defeated the killer after he is shooting by Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence). But then the disappears.

Although it has actually been created Michael is no just mortal, deserve to he it is in killed? Or will history be doomed to repeat itself? review on for every little thing we know around Michael Myers, and whether there's a chance Laurie will finally get the ideal of him.

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Why can't Michael Myers be killed? In 'Halloween,' Laurie think she's effective at last.

The finish of 2018's Halloween shows Laurie victorious over the nightmare that has haunted her for years. Michael Myers is look at trapped in ~ a burn building. However, unfortunately for Laurie, a post-credits step reveals the truth: Michael is alive and well ~ all.

Michael's fatality by fire isn't even the very first time personalities have tried setting him alight in really hopes that he would certainly die, but time and time again, he's returned.

Why can't Michael Myers be killed? return he was (albeit, temporarily) killed in numerous of the early franchise sequels, both the initial Halloween and also 2018's Halloween do it seem together though Michael is an unstoppable pressure impervious to burn or stabbing. What go this mean for his future in Halloween Kills and also Halloween Ends?

Narratively speaking, killing off Michael is additionally the fatality of the franchise. Michael Myers is a versatile antagonist whose repeated return leader to more movies, for this reason it's understandable filmmakers would certainly be cynical to offer his character a permanent ending.

Thankfully, john Carpenter, that directed the 1978 Halloween film that started the franchise, has an explanation because that Michael's mysterious inability come die.

John said he want to emphasize the Michael is likely a supernatural entity to save the audience guessing around an unknown evil. Follow to the Halloween 25th Anniversary DVD Commentary, John desired the mystery of one unknown come a an ext solid explanation such as "he was cursed."


The pass out of Michael's personality is terrifying, back it need to be detailed that director of few of the various other Halloween franchise movies have attempted come contradict John's original theory by giving Michael a backstory that involves a curse.

One Redditor breaks under the "Curse that Thorn" from Halloween 6, which revolves approximately a pagan ritual where one family in a community is sacrificed so the rest of the community can thrive. However, the chosen family members must it is in murdered by among their very own members, who is "blessed" by the thorn cult. Michael Myers is that person, meaning he successfully cannot be killed until all of his family members members are additionally dead.

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But the "Curse of Thorn" trilogy is basically taken into consideration an alternating timeline in the Halloween universe. 2018's Halloween, Halloween Kills, and also Halloween Ends are all straight sequels come the 1978 original, definition it's unlikely that Michael Myers is affected by any kind that curse indigenous previous films. Instead, the personality is based on John Carpenter's original, terrifying vision: an unknown, faint evil who will always rise again.

Halloween Kills, the recent installment in the Halloween franchise, premieres ~ above Oct. 15, 2021, in theaters and on Peacock.

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