Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 banned Cards that Were offered In the Anime The Yu-Gi-Oh! anime often broke rules, one of the most typical being the use of cards top top the forbidden list, including Cyber Jar and also Pot of Greed.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Chaos Emperor Dragon and also Yugi making use of Monster Reborn
The Yu-Gi-Oh! anime is known to it is in pretty light once it comes to the rule of the game. The doesn"t always include up, i beg your pardon usually provides for some pretty extreme duels. Among the most common rules come be broken was using cards the were top top the forbidden list.

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Examples choose Pot of Greed involved mind appropriate away. The forbidden list did exist in ~ this point, but characters used plenty of cards that have actually been or are still ~ above the forbidden perform to this day. The display itself actually did have actually some kind of a forbidden list, though. The an initial card top top the list was on it.

The gold Castle that Stromberg was never actually banned in genuine life. Instead, this map was prohibition in the canon of the show. It to be a prize offered away in ~ a tournament the was never ever actually coded right into the game.

As such, Zigfried was able to modify that effect and give Leon a substantial advantage as soon as he supplied the map in his duel versus Yugi. The rest of the cards on this list were banned in the real-life variation of the game, not the anime version.

Monster Reborn in Yu-Gi-Oh!
Just about every duelist in the video game had Monster Reborn in your deck. The card, which enables players to unique summon a monster from either graveyard to their side the the field, was among the just ones that enabled players to unique summon easily.

As such, that was straightforward card to throw right into every single deck. This was what got it banned in the real life version of this game, and also what obtained it in everyone"s deck in the anime.

Pot of Greed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime
Pot the Greed was as with Monster Reborn. It to be an incredibly basic card that had a super great effect. Why not throw it into your deck? Pot of Greed allows the player to draw two cards from your deck.

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Besides gift a good card, it allowed for some awesome battles whereby Yugi needed Pot the Greed to attract the correct cards to victory or remain in the video game at all. The course, that always worked out when he required it the most.

7 Harpie"s Feather Duster

Mai Valentine in Yu-Gi-Oh! season one
Harpie"s Feather Duster is an incredibly powerful card that just recently make it off of the forbidden perform in the real-life game. The is still limited.

The card, i m sorry was supplied by Harpie enthusiast mai Valentine in the anime, permits the player to wipe the end their opponent"s entire earlier row for no cost. This, that course, is fantastic. The just surprising thing right here is that more people didn"t use this card in the anime.

Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy the The end was once a an excellent card that eventually had its effect changed it to be so powerful.

It"s useless now, but originally it permitted its owner to pay 1000 life point out to destroy every single card on the field and in both players" hands and also fields, and the opponent loses 300 life points because that each one. Talk about power. Kaiba supplied this one in his duel against Zigfried during the Grand Championship arc.

5 Raigeki

Raigeki to be a card used by Joey during the fight City arc. He only had actually this card in his deck when he was under the manage of Marik, and it actually was banned in the canon the the show, as well. Cards prefer it and also Hinotama weren"t permitted to be supplied in battle City.

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Raigeki is a card that permits the player to destroy every monster on their opponent"s next of the field, for this reason it renders sense the the card was prohibition for some time. The card is no much longer banned in the TCG.

in spite of not being good cards in the real-life variation of the game, the Egyptian God cards were banned for some time. They were thrown around constantly during battle City and also beyond in the anime, though.

Originally under the control of Yugi, Marik, and also Kaiba, they eventually all come under the regulate of Yugi, where they were supplied a lot less commonly in succeeding arcs. Castle did make appearances from time to time, though.

3 can be fried Offering

Prominently supplied in everyone"s deck because that some factor in the Pyramid of Light movie, Ultimate giving is a card that deserve to be used by both players on the field.

You can pay 500 life points to summon secondary monster during the main phase or the opponent"s fight phase. It is means too good, i m sorry is why it to be banned in the real-life video game long ago. Fair game in the anime, though.

A favorite of Bakura"s in the anime, readjust of heart is a very basic card that permits the player come steal an opponent"s monster because that one turn.

It can be used for anything and also has no cost connected with it, i beg your pardon is why the card was banned. This to be used throughout Duelist Kingdom versus the spirit of the Millennium Ring.

1 Cyber Jar

Yugi was in regulate of Cyber jug in the anime after he an unified his deck through Kaiba"s in stimulate to take on Noah.

The map is madness overpowered, since once the is flipped, every monsters on the field are destroyed and each player must draw five cards and also summon every monsters that they possibly deserve to that don"t need tributes. Talk about a reset.

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