After witnessing the success that Bewitched, network executives in ~ NBC dreamed up ns Dream of Jeannie. They wanted to duplicate Bewitched increase to popularity and twin their revenue on shows about beautiful, wonder women.

Just as expected, i Dream of Jeannie was an prompt hit. The collection ran native 1965 to 1970. It received rave reviews and amassed a loyal fan following. Because that a while, it looked prefer this show could do no wrong until one episode made fans completely turn top top the program.

Barbara Eden to be Pregnant throughout The an initial Season of The Show


Barbara Eden acquired to work-related with a genuine live lion during her time on i Dream the Jeannie. Apparently, Barbara loved working through the animal and found him simpler to get along with than many of her male co-stars. When Hagman to be nervous approximately the lion, Barbara reassured him and also told him to “stand very still, lean forward very, an extremely gingerly and stroke him together gently as you can.”

Hagman supposedly proclaimed, “I’m no making friend with any lion!”

Larry Hagman might Have had A drinking Problem


In the ’60s, the was considered extremely inappropriate for a couple to be viewed sharing a bed. In numerous shows, married couples slept in side by side pair beds. In order come avoid gaining in trouble through the censors, Jeannie had actually to be displayed leaving the room every time Jeannie and also Tony got in a bedroom together.

Most times she left the room by transforming into a pink puff of smoke. Laws around what can and can’t be displayed on television room much more relaxed now.

That isn’t the just thing to gain censored though. Keep reading to see exactly how the kept Jeannie’s costume PG

Too Cold to Function


The very first ever illustration of ns Dream the Jeannie was filmed ~ above Zuma coast in Malibu. The location was supposed to was standing in because that a deserted island somewhere off the shore of the southern Pacific. In the episode, that looks choose Jeannie is living it increase in the sunshine in that chop top. In reality, this scene was filmed in the winter, and also it was actually an extremely cold that day.

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Barbara Eden admitted that she was freezing during the whole scene, back she did likewise say that it was among her favorite scenes come film.

Belly Buttons space Too Scandalous for Television

We already have part idea around how strictly the censors to be in the 1960s, yet have you ever before noticed the we never ever see Jeannie’s belly button on the present even despite she’s constantly wearing crop tops?

Apparently, networks to be fine with her sexy outfits as long as her belly switch was never visible. Us can’t have viewers understanding that Barbara was when a fetus who was attached to her mom via one umbilical cord. That would be obscene.

Read ~ above to find out what taken place to the collection after the present ended.

Barbara Ripped A lot of Clothes

Barbara Eden liked to move about a lot of in she Jeannie costume. The thing is as soon as you move approximately in a costume that billowy, every those folds get recorded up in her heels. That’s exactly what taken place to barbara time and also time again.

The show’s costume designers were continuous repairing Barabara’s costumes because she ripped them for this reason often. Occasionally the clothes were therefore ripped by the end of a shoot that the entirety costume had actually to be retired.

A Fire ruined The whole Set

Sadly, after i Dream of Jeannie to be canceled, the entire TV set was melted to the ground. Producers realized that it would certainly be an extremely expensive come store every one of the furniture and also larger props they used for the show, for this reason they shed whatever the actors didn’t want to take.

Back in the day, this was a very common exercise in Hollywood. Luckily, Barbara Eden saved her original lamp indigenous the inferno. Imagine exactly how much every one of those collection pieces would be precious now…

Eden conserved the iconic genie party prop, so whereby is that now?

Where Is Jeannie’s initial Bottle Now?

~ the show ended, Barbara Eden actually organized on to the bottle that Jeannie came out of on the very an initial episode of the show. She hosted on come it for a while, and also then in 2011, she donated it to the Smithsonian school in Washington, D.C.

Before donating it, she said, “I have actually the original bottle. It remained in the office for a long time and then people said you know, ‘That shouldn’t it is in around, there’s only one,’ so I put it in the financial institution (in a vault) however it’s on its means to the Smithsonian.”

It Wasn’t A an extremely High technology Prop

that purple genie party looked pretty cool ~ above camera, however would you think that the prop was actually made out of one old Jim Beam decanter native 1964? The prop department spent hrs hand painting and also decorating it. It price hundreds that dollars come create. Due to the fact that of the time and also money that went into the bottle, anyone in the actors was really careful through it.

The original is still roughly today many thanks to every one of that extra care. That layout of Jim Beam bottle doesn’t exist anymore. The company stopped making them in the ’90s.

Do friend remember wherein you were as soon as you discovered out ‘I Dream that Jeannie’ was canceled? next one actors member discovered out the news in one awkward way

Awkward Cancellation News

ns Dream the Jeannie had a good run, but it to be canceled after 5 seasons in 1970. Apparently, Larry Hagman didn’t acquire the memo. He to be on holidays in south America ~ the fifth collection ended. Once he got back from his trip, he want to acquire something that he left in his dressing room.

The guard at the studio told him that ns Dream the Jeannie wasn’t in production anymore. Well, that’s super awkward.

Keep analysis to find out the actual reason why the present was canceled in the an initial place

A new Theme tune For A brand-new Season

ns Dream the Jeannie didn’t have a template song as soon as it first premiered. In fact, it didn’t have a theme song for that entire an initial season. When the second season that the present debuted, audiences obtained to hear the ns Dream the Jeannie theme tune for the an initial time.

There were part other transforms made when the display returned because that a second season. The 2nd season was shot in color while the first season was shot in black and also white.

Next, this to be the single episode that destroyed I Dream the Jeannie

The initial Fake Wedding

In order to try and rise viewership for ns Dream that Jeannie, NBC’s publicity room staged a fake wedding because that Eden and Hagman just one week before the wedding episode of the show was collection to air. TV authors from approximately the country were invited to the fake wedding to make it look favor Eden and also Hagman had countless guests.

Fans absolutely hated this public stunt. They can tell the the wedding was insincere and also they ended up transforming on the characters and the actors. The present was canceled soon after the infamous wedding episode.

Fans weren’t the just ones who hated the episode.

Barbara Eden Hated The Wedding Too

Barbara Eden knew the the wedding episode would certainly be a disaster. She to be totally versus the idea of Tony and also Jeannie gaining married. Firstly, Jeannie wasn’t even human. Secondly, the display was all around the build-up of sex-related tension between Jeannie and Tony. Once the pair got married, every one of that tension would go away.

Plus, follow to the show’s mythology, genies can’t it is in photographed. Somehow they still had actually a experienced photographer in ~ the wedding. The horrendous scene couldn’t be forgotten and also the display was canceled soon afterward.

Barbara hated the wedding scene, yet next, see just how she yes, really feels around her character

How Barbara really Feels around Jeannie

Barbara Eden always saw Jeannie as mischeivious and also boyish. She also once described her character as a “tomboy.’ fans didn’t agree through her though. They saw Jeannie together the summary of femininity.

Larry Hagman likewise had some insights right into his character. During an interview, that said, “Here’s a man who’s square and also there’s this beautiful, gorgeous woman placing the do on him all the time and also he says, ‘no, no, no I have my career…’”

Barbara Did double Duty

Strangely, plenty of viewers of i Dream that Jeannie didn’t realize the it was actually Barbara Eden herself that played Jeannie’s evil pair sister, whose name was also Jeannie. Fans frequently asked who played evil Jeannie, no realizing the it was simply Eden in a dark wig.

Why would 2 sisters both be named Jeannie? the must have actually been really confusing throughout family dinners. It wasn’t uncommon for one gibbs to beat multiple roles back in the ’60s.

Next, execute you psychic the animated show?

An Animated display Replaced The Live-Action Version

three years after ns Dream the Jeannie ended, Hanna-Barbera exit an animated variation of the present called Jeannie. It to be loosely based on the initial live-action series and the ran indigenous 1973 to 1975.

Mark Hamill (AKA Luke Skywalker) did voice work for the show as did Joe Besser, Julie McWhirter, and also Bob Hastings, and other talented voice actors. The display was a success, but it was never as iconic as the live-action version.

How Larry Hagman’s Character advanced Over The Years

actor Larry Hagman play United states Air pressure Captain Tony Nelson, who is additionally a NASA astronaut on ns Dream that Jeannie. This character spent his days working for the government and his nights v the beautiful and mysterious Jeannie.

At the start of the series, Tony was uptight and also reserved. He was generally too focused on his demanding job to have any fun. As he display went on, he warmed up a bit, especially approximately Jeannie.

Larry Hagman after ~ Jeannie

After i Dream that Jeannie ended, Hagman walk on to star in a bunch of TV and also movie projects throughout the 70s. His most famous post-Jeannie role came in the 1980s once he starred in the primetime soap opera Dallas.

Hagman earned 2 Emmy nominations and four gold Globe nominations for his work on the show. Much more recently, he appeared in Nip/Tuck and The Simpsons. Unfortunately, Hagman passed far in 2012 due to throat cancer that spread to the remainder of his body.

Bill Daily carried Roger come Life

gibbs Bill daily played roger Healey on i Dream that Jeannie. This character was Tony’s friend and co-worker. Healey wasn’t in every illustration of the show, yet he made rather a variety of appearances on-screen throughout the food of the series.

His function on the show was to give us information about Tony’s character. Tony regularly had come hide Jeannie’s true nature and also abilities indigenous Roger. Bill everyday would later go on come play Howard Borden top top The Bob Newhart Show. He additionally played Larry the psychiatrist top top the oddball sitcom “Alf.”

William (Hayden) Rorke as Dr. Bellows

ns Dream the Jeannie had actually a relatively small cast. The just other regular actors member (aside indigenous Barbra, Larry, and Bill) was william Rorke that played NASA psychiatrist Dr. Bellows.

Before certification in ns Dream the Jeannie, wilhelm Rorke make his movie debut in the This Is the Army, certification future president Ronald Reagan. Unfortunately, wilhelm Rorke passed far in 1987 in ~ the age of 76. He to be diagnosed with a kind of cancer well-known as many myeloma.

Phil Spector showed up On The display (Before He visited Jail)

prior to Phil Spector was convicted of second-degree murder, he made a career because that himself as a music producer and also he showed up on an episode of i Dream the Jeannie. The plays himself in the episode in which Jeannie do the efforts to become a singer.

Phil Spector has remained in jail because he to be convicted of killing in 2009. Actress Lana Clarkson was accidentally eliminated in Spector’s mansion in 2003 once the two of castle were handling a firearm.

I Dream the Jeannie Was based on A Movie

The producer of ns Dream the Jeannie, Sidney Sheldon loved the movie The Brass bottle so much that he made decision to turn it right into a TV show. The movie starred Tony Randall, Burl Ives, and also the one and also only Barbara Eden.

Sheldon love the idea of a sexy female genie and he assumed that other people might favor it too… once a mainly on your TV sets. For this reason the show isn’t precisely a slightly altered replica that Bewitched.

Why It continued to be In Black and White because that So Long

The first season of ns Dream the Jeannie was preserved in black and also white also though most other shows of the exact same genre had moved top top to shade film. This is because many that the “magic” results in the show were complicated to pull off in color. Once the manufacturing team identified how to perform the effects in color, castle transitioned to shade film.

Apparently, i Dream of Jeannie was the last TV show to transfer a black and also white episode.

Can friend Spot The California Landmarks?

ns Dream the Jeannie was an alleged to take ar in Florida, however, the show was plainly filmed in California. If you clock closely, girlfriend can also see the Hollywood Hills in the background of several of the episodes.

The exterior the the structure that served as roger Healey’s office was actually the main structure at the Dryden trip Research facility at Edwards Air pressure Base, north of Los Angeles. We’ll just pretend the Florida looks prefer California.

I Dream that Jeannie Lane

i Dream that Jeannie took location in Cocoa coast (even though it was filmed in California). Twenty- seven years ~ the show’s last episode ended, Barbara Eden paid a visit come the actual town the Cocoa Beach. She spoke at the Kennedy an are Center, and also at the event, the mayor of Cocoa coast unveiled one “I Dream that Jeannie Lane” street sign.

Eden told an elderly Life, “They enabled me to placed on the boots and the coveralls and go right into the capsule itself, and also that to be awe-inspiring, simply wonderful.”

Jeannie’s bottle Wasn’t constantly Purple

In the very first season of the show, Jeannie’s bottle was actually eco-friendly It had actually a painted gold leaf pattern on the to give it one antiqued look. Once the present moved native black and also white to color, they gained a brand-new purple bottle.

Most fans didn’t even notification the readjust because there to be no method to understand the color of the bottle in the initial black and white variation of the show. Producers assumed the purple would pop more against the other colors ~ above set.

Reruns Were an ext Popular Than initial Airings

ns Dream of Jeannie performed well in the prime, however it was never ever a top-rated show— at least, not once it debuted. It did do an extremely well in reruns, though. While appearing as reruns on new York’s WPIX channel, the TV series won that is time period with a 13 rating and also a 23 re-superstructure of the audience.

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Even after the present got canceled, reruns that the show ongoing to outperform programs that were quiet on the air.

Read on to find out where Tony should have been going to work.

Stretching The Truth around NASA Astronauts

even though NASA still has actually a room museum in Florida, by the time that i Dream the Jeannie began filming, astronauts no longer trained in the sunshine state. By the ’60s, NASA astronauts had moved on native Florida to the Manned Spacecraft center in Houston, Texas. That facility is now referred to as the lyndon B. Johnson room Center.

I Dream of Jeannie is a fictitious series, though, so us forgive them because that bending the reality a small bit.

The Story Behind The Title

i Dream of Jeannie sounds prefer a clever surname for a TV display whose main character is a genie named Jeannie, yet this location is an ext than simply a play on words. Ns Dream that Jeannie is also the an initial line in a parlor ballad indigenous 1854 title “Jeanie through the light Brown Hair.”

This show contains so many references come other creates of media such together movies, TV reflects and, songs. Ours Jeannie doesn’t have light brown hair, though.

Continuity Errors all over The Place

continually errors are still happening years after the 1960s, but nowadays, TV reflects go v so much much more post-production. Earlier in the day, countless of the editing errors were simply left in.

For example, in one episode of ns Dream the Jeannie, Tony goes to Rome, Italy, and tells Jeannie the she more than likely knew it as “Gaul.” just Tony to be wrong. Gaul to be the roman name fro France, not Italy.

Jeannie and also Tony together Again after ~ Twenty Years

In 1990, two decades after ns Dream that Jeannie was canceled, Barbara Eden showed up in a five-episode arc ~ above Dallas. Larry Hagman to be a series regular on Dallas. He play J.R. Ewing on the show.

In her final episode, Barbara’s personality admits that her maiden name was “Nelson,” which was a funny jab at the wedding between Jeannie and Tony that everybody hated. These 2 weren’t fear to laugh in ~ themselves. That’s what provides them therefore likable.

Barbara Eden practically Didn’t gain Cast since Of The color Of her Hair

us all know Jeannie together a bubbly blonde, yet Barbara Eden’s blonde hair nearly prevented her from obtaining the role in the first place. The producers of ns Dream that Jeannie want the display to look various from Bewitched. They believed a non-blonde actress would certainly make the reflects just different enough.

When Eden auditioned for the role, producers dropped in love v her. They nearly didn’ actors her since she to be blonde, however then castle couldn’t uncover anybody an ext qualified come play Jeannie.

Larry Hagman earn The Nickname, “The mad Monk the Malibu”

Larry Hagman was known for his eccentric and also outlandish behavior. This gibbs wasn’t specifically normal. That was offered the nickname “The foolish Monk the Malibu” because of how strangely that acted. One time, the rode his for his Harley-Davidson come the grocery store while put on a chicken suit. He likewise allegedly placed bourbon top top his cereal.

As he acquired older, Larry mellowed the end a bit. He wasn’t as “Mad” in the ’90s as he remained in the ’60s.

There’s miscellaneous fishy about Jeannie’s origin story. Keep reading to discover out what.

Jeannie’s origin Story Doesn’t Make any kind of Sense

In the first season, the show describes that Jeannie wasn’t constantly a genie. She to be a young human being woman who refused come marry the an effective Blue Djinn. As punishment, she was forced to live in a party for the remainder of her life.

That’s not Jeannie’s just origin story, though. Later, the show listed an alternate explanation for Jeannie’s powers. In this version, Jeannie and also her family were constantly genies, however she was just forced to live in a bottle after disobeying the Blue Djinn.

The guy In Blue to be Barbara Eden’s genuine Husband

on the show, The Blue Djinn to be played through Barbara’s real-life husband, Michael Ansara. It must have actually been difficult for him to play the poor guy the contrary his wife (who was play a woman who refused to marry him).

If you go ago and clock the scenes between Jeannie and also the Blue Djinn, girlfriend may catch a tiny romantic spark between the 2 actors. We hope Tony didn’t gain too jealous. At the very least Jeannie agreed come marry the (even if the didn’t walk over well).

There Weren’t numerous Other females On The Show

Barbara Eden was pretty much the only female actor on the display for the totality of its run. There were a couple of other female characters who appeared from time to time, however for the most part, Jeannie had the males all to herself.

Barbara Eden could definitely carry the show as the mrs lead, yet it would have actually been quite if Jeannie had some mrs friends to speak to. We got to view Jeannie’s sister, yet Eden played that character too.

Barton MacLane’s sudden Disappearance

Barton MacLane was among the collection regulars on ns Dream the Jeannie, yet towards the end of the show’s run, he suddenly disappeared native the program. Unfortunately, MacLane was battling pneumonia when he suddenly passed far in 1969.

MacLane was finest known as a personality actor that made miscellaneous appearances ~ above TV and film. He was a commemorated actor prior to he died, and also the entire cast of i Dream the Jeannie felt his lack when the passed.

Barbara Eden experienced A Tragic ns Of her Own

Barbara Eden to be married to Michael Ansara indigenous 1958 until 1974. During the an initial season of i Dream the Jeannie, Barbara to be pregnant through the couple’s very first child, a son called Mathew. Tragically, in 2001, Matthew passed away of a drug overdose. Eden and also Ansara announced your loss to the press, yet they didn’t enter much detail around what happened.

Years later, Eden told the public that Mathew had been struggling through addiction for rather some time.

The Nelson residence Is still Standing

The home that served as the exterior that the Nelson home in ns Dream the Jeannie is currently used as the Ranch work office in ~ the Warner brothers Ranch in Burbank, California. The home is quiet standing and also it’s still an extremely functional.

The house has been renovated because the ’60s, yet from the outside, it still looks favor it walk 50 year ago. Superfans of ns Dream of Jeannie have actually been able to visit the home in the past.