Auction Date: September 8, 2017

Rare Serial Number 4 Winchester model 1892 Lever activity Saddle Ring Carbine with factory Letter

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This very early, first day production Winchester design 1892 carbine has serial number 4 stamped ~ above the underside the the frame. The accompanying factory letter states that serial number 4 was initially a rifle with an octagon barrel in .44 caliber and plain cause when the was obtained in the warehouse on may 3, 1892, and also shipped on might 19 in addition to 15 various other rifles through the same specifications to the same order number. It was later returned to the Winchester manufacturing facility on august 23, 1892, and the octagon barrel was adjusted to a round barrel (barrel size not provided). That the 15 firearms initially transport on might 19, 1892, 6 were changed for round barrels. The barrel has pinned and folding ladder sight and also is marked with the two-line address ahead of the behind sight and also "38 W.C.F." at the breech. A saddle ring is mounted on the left side. The top tang has actually "Model 1892/Winchester/PAT. Oct 14, 1884". The buttstock has actually a carbine buttplate.

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Good as manufacturing facility converted come carbine configuration. The barrel has actually an synthetic brown patina, and the remaining metal surfaces have a mottled brown-gray patina. There is some minor pitting. The refinished hardwood is great with a hairline crack in the wrist, a couple of minor gouges and some minor pressure dents and scratches. Mechanically excellent. This is a distinctive opportunity to acquire a single digit, many likely an initial day production Winchester model 1892!