New evidence says that among Black Ops Cold War’s upcoming zombies DLCs might be a remake of Kino Der Toten.

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Black Ops Cold battle released to incredible success earlier this month, however it’s clear the the video game is doing not have content. However, it shows up that Treyarch may have large plans because that the title, as brand-new evidence says that a Kino Der Toten remake may be comes to Cold War’s zombie mode.

Kino Der Toten (AKA) Cinema the the Dead, to be a black color Ops zombies map, featured in the first and third installment of the franchise. The iconic ar was the initial black color Ops zombies map, and also it has long been a fan-favorite.

(Source: Activision)

Now, new evidence argues that black Ops Cold War could be obtaining a remake of Kino Der Toten. The map will most likely be remade because that Zombies DLC, similar to Nacht Der Untoten was in Die Maschine.

If this proves correct, parts of the original cinema will certainly be present, together a new Berlin area to explore.

Evidence the a black color Ops Cold battle Kino Der Toten Remake

This Kino Der Toten remake theory isn’t coming from guesswork alone. In fact, over there is a fair amount of proof that appears to assistance the map return in Cold War.

Of course, no one of this must be taken as fact just yet, no matter exactly how likely it seems. And this won’t be coming quickly either, as the following Black Ops Cold battle map is set in Vietnam.

Despite significant leaks for black color Ops Cold battle Season 1, us still don’t recognize much about what’s comes to Zombies. But this new evidence does aid shed irradiate on the series’ potential DLC.

(Source: Treyarch)

Firstly, in the intro cutscene for dice Maschine, Weaver is looking in ~ a series of monitors containing places of Anomalies. These areas are every potential zombies map locales, but the Berlin screen is also visible in the create a class section the the zombies menu.

Berlin also comes right into play again in the die Maschine intro, whereby Samantha Maxis provides a speak to in the German capital.

(Source: TheGamingRevolution)

On the Berlin monitor, a red period periodically displays, which leader to the ar of Kino Der Toten’s setting. We can even see few of the very same landmarks in the dot’s real-life place visible in the initial Kino Der Toten map.

Is Verrückt comes to black color Ops Cold war Too?

What’s more, recent audio in black Ops Cold War game files consists of a clip of the 115 Easter egg song.

Long-time pan will acknowledge this track together being originally component of Kino Der Toten. It likewise plays Lullaby that A Dead guy – the Easter egg track of fellow Berlin map ‘Verrückt.’

Given the Treyarch is reusing old areas in that Cold war Zombies content, it’s possible that both Kino Der Toten and Verrückt might be part of the brand-new map.

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This new evidence was uncovered by YouTuber TheGamingRevolution. The black color Ops zombies fan also believes he’s got evidence for further DLC locations, seen in the video below:

With football player already setup world documents for dice Maschine, it’s clean that us need more Zombies contents desperately. But despite the game’s map having been play to death, a many gamers still don’t know around Cold war Zombies’ concealed jumpscare.