‘You’re favor a banana.’ she said. I looked up from mine BBQ stick, that sauce clinging to the corners of my mouth. ‘A what?’ ns asked. ‘A banana… yellow ~ above the outside, white top top the inside.’ she answered really carefully, together if I would take offence to it. Ns was confused, and I couldn’t protect against thinking about it together I perfect eating.

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This to be the very first time I had actually been come the Philippines as an adult, and also a girlfriend I had met through a Harvard University program was showing me around. She take it me to the Museum that Jose Rizal, come the college of Santo Tomas, the earliest campus in Asia, and then come my an individual favourite: Intramuros, one Euro-architectural sky smack bang in the middle of the constantly bustling Manila. We discovered an eatery top top a tiny rooftop near campus, and also I digged right into my meal after what felt favor months of no eating.

I to be a tourist in the an extremely same location my parents referred to as home. Isn’t that bizarre? I’ve constantly been proud of my Filipino background. I love karaoke and virtually every traditional dish mine Mama makes for me - even the ones do from guts and blood. I can only understand an easy Tagalog, and also I have the right to barely speak it, however I never ever hid that component of me. Ns mean, how might I? It to be on my skin and in mine nose and in mine voice.

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Visited a 400 year old city today. No biggie.

And i know! I understand there’s much more to gift Filipino than being able come belt Whitney Houston top top the Magic Mic, yet as ns walked with those streets, and also watched all these people rush previous me, i made a startling realisation. I wasn’t Filipino. Ns mean, i looked the part, but I didn’t feeling it. Gift Filipino was such a big part of who I was, however thinking back, i was proper Pinoy in ~ all. I felt favor an imposter there, counting my pesos carefully as i paid because that my food.

My parental did their best to keep every legacy alive, but in our family’s sirloin to fit into this new world, numerous things dropped to the side. Ns was the an initial of my name to be born here, and I have actually no storage of the Philippines. Was my girlfriend right? Am ns a banana?

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Me pretending to it is in cultured and also not native Mt Druitt pt. 2

As we enter a world more connected than ever, are we any type of less that one thing because of the settings we thrived up in?

Before ns break into a Pocahontas track, I concerned terms v my social identity a lengthy time ago. Ns am Filipino, and I to be Australian, and also my insides are just as much of a melt pot as my outsides are. I don’t need to be either - I deserve to be both. I have taken mine Filipino hospitality and blended that perfectly through my love because that the Englsih created word, to bejajalger2018.orge me.

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Wear the banana peel through pride my other Asian-children-of-immigrants. We are a brand-new generation of people reflective the the globalised people we live in.