A nocked arrowhead should be positioned about a quarter inch over the arrowhead rest ~ above the bow handle.

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On many bows, a little brass band referred to as a “nocking point” is crimped onto the bowstring to mark the correct position.To nock the arrow: grasp the arrowhead between the thumb and also index finger that the appropriate hand (if you a right-handed shooter). With your left hand, host the bow parallel to the ground around waist high, string toward the body. Lay the arrowhead shaft on the bow’s arrow rest. Align the slot in the nock with the string, if making sure that the penis feather points up (while the bow is parallel to the ground). Pull the arrow back until the wire snaps into the slot.

When the arrow is nocked and the bow is raised, the prick feather points come the left if you are right-handed.


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