In September that 2013, not long after the expose of Metal gear Solid V’s scantily-clad sniper, Quiet, manager Hideo Kojima required to Twitter to talk around one that his latest creations.

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“I understand there’s people concerning around ‘Quiet’ yet don’t worry,” he created in a series of messages. “I created her character as an antithesis come the ladies characters appeared in the previous fighting video game who are excessively exposed. ‘Quiet’ that doesn’t have a word will certainly be furious in the story as well. However once you recognize the an enig reason for she exposure, you will certainly feel embarrassing of her words & deeds.”

For a long time human being theorized around this “secret factor for exposure.” currently that the video game is out, and we’ve learned the explanation behind she outfit, are we embarrassing of our words and deeds? Well...



OK. So. The reason Quiet wears that bikini outfit is that she breathes through her skin, making use of photosynthesis come absorb air, water, and also nutrients. She has to do this because her body is infested with parasites.

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At the start of the game, the rogue Skull face sends his soldier Quiet—in standard armed forces fatigues—to assassinate Snake. She fails. Snake’s hospital roommate, Ishmael, manages to set her top top fire, and also she falls screaming from the hospital window. As we uncover out later, Skull challenge was may be to save her life through infecting her body with magical parasites that both give her distinct abilities and also turn her into a bioweapon.

Parasites—the new nanomachines!—are a key part that the plot in Metal gear Solid V, and also I won’t go too much into detail here, yet to sum it up: due to the fact that of these parasites, Quiet can not speak in English, and she can not wear normal clothing. During one scene later on in the game, soldiers have required her come put apparel over her bikini, and also you see her come close to suffocating.

It’s never quite clear why these parasites affect different characters in different ways, though. Periodically they kill civilization right away; other times they heal wounds and also give their hosts special abilities. It’s additionally never described why The end from Metal gear Solid 3 doesn’t have to wear a bikini for his very own photosynthesis, i m sorry is very comparable to Quiet’s. (The game also implies that The end had a version of the helminth in question.)

Also, it’s precious noting, if friend sit v Quiet in your helicopter because that a small while, Kojima makes her perform things prefer this: